Channeled Messages: "Dealing with negativity"


Dealing with negativity -Beginning of channeled message-

In this universe positivity is the greatest power. It is a force that is stronger than negative. Sometimes you are told to always stay positive. We feel that this statement is in itself, correct, but not necessarily practical. For you live in a world where there is negative and positive, you cannot have one with out the other. This duality allows you to see and experience both polar sides and to choose which you prefer. To ignore negativity and to cover it up, is a disastrous idea. For not allowing the negativity to be itself, it only creates more, only now you have hidden it away. So now you have this underlying and subconscious negativity that you are carrying with you. We feel that it is important to acknowledge negative feelings. It is important to bring them to the surface and to experience them as a whole. This way you can choose whether or not you wish to keep them. We feel it is important to practice positive thoughts and to speak in a positive way, but you will never truly be rid of negative thoughts for that is the world you chose to experience. You would not be here otherwise. We acknowledge that there are terrible things going on on you planet. But each person has a choice in what they wish to experience and the consequences there of. We see nothing as inherently good or bad, it is the intention behind it that makes it so.

-End of channeled message-