Channeled Messages: "How do you (angels) effect our lives?"


How do you (angels) effect our lives? -Beginning of channeled message-

We offer protection, we offer guidance, we offer healing. As well as many others, more than any human brain could possibly process. We work behind the scenes, so to speak, and offer what we feel and you feel is necessary at that moment. You are vibrational beings as are we. We are the connection from before you came here. We cannot interfere without your permission. Free will is essential in our universe. It is the first law. Thou shall do what they will. But understand that this is a duality universe, you cannot have good with out bad. One cannot exist with out the other.

-End of channeled message-

How do we effect you?

-Beginning of channeled message-

As you learn and experience this existence, we do as well. We benefit when we are being who we are and lending a helping hand to your world. We benefit from 'being'. We do not see things as inherently negative or positive. Understand that your knowledge of the universe is very limited, for you are here to experience this existence. You are here to experience being human and all that it offers. For we understand that much knowledge of who you really are has been lost, we are hoping to bring it back slowly into the human consciousness. If you do something "wrong" we are not here to discipline or to scold. You are at your closest to feeling us when your feel the feeling of love and joy. We say that there is only love and joy, but that is for us. There are also negative beings that do not thrive on love and joy, for it is a dual universe. But is also a free will universe there for they cannot come with out your permission, just as we cannot interfere with out your permission.

-End of channeled message-