Channeled Messages: "What Are Angels?"


What are angels? -Beginning of channeled message-

We are eternal beings who watch over this dimension from another dimension. We are pure positive energy. We represent what you call “God” as we are part of that energy. We offer guidance and assistance at all times for every being. We must follow contractual agreements that you had made before coming here, for we cannot interfere without your permission. Sometimes the permission you give is subconscious, your higher self asks for you. We leave signs, sometimes in reoccurring numbers, colours, coins, and feathers. For example you may find a beautiful feather somewhere unexpected. That is a sign that we are working with you. You may see us as “light”, either coloured, or white, or sometimes sparkles. Some may have dreams where they see us in a “physical” form, know that those dreams are real. Although we have no true physical form, there is a communal consciousness of what we “look like”, which is why you can all describe us the same way. When one asks for help no matter what it is, we are there immediately. To worry about taking up to much of our time, is nonsensical for we have no sense of time, therefore we can seemingly be in all places at once. When you feel love or joy that is the closest vibrationaly to us. For we are in essence those feelings. There is an angel hierarchy and each angel is given specific roles. There are angels who watch over the animal realm and there are angles who watch over the plant realm. Guardian angels are assigned to each person before entry into the physical plane. They are the ones closest to you at all times. Angels are not loved ones that have crossed over, for we are separate from you. Although your loved ones do watch over you, it is from a different place. We consider ourselves the watchers with a great investment into your dimension. You are vibrational beings, as are we. We feel as though it is important that you experience this physical dimension to its fullest, which is why you are here in the first place. We choose to work behind the scenes to allow you to experience that. The more you work with us, the happier we all are, as that vibration rises and creates more loving positivity into your world. We feel that it is important to say that we only come with love and inspiration. It is our duty to help and assist you in all aspects of life, so that you can live your life to the upmost fullest. We wish everyone love and joy and may their experiences here be everything they asked for.

-End of channeled message-