Channeled Messages: "Abundance"


These are messages that I have channeled from the angels and spirit guides. This one is about abundance! Enjoy! -Beginning of channeled message-

As you live in a world where you are taught that there is not enough, we feel that it is important to say that we believe that the opposite is true. For how we see it, is that there is always enough for everyone. For when one gains, another does not lose. We believe that it is a persons thoughts and beliefs that dictate their abundance or lack there of. We feel as though guilt sometimes comes in to play when we gain something for we feel that someone has to go without so that you can have what you wish. We believe that this is a false belief. For when one person gains, everyone benefits. The vibration of abundance has what we call a snow ball effect. For as one stays in that vibration, it builds and radiates outwards. It is selfish to believe that one is not worthy for why would you be here if you were not worthy of all that this existence has to offer. Abundance does not have to mean money. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to when you need to do it. We believe this mentality has been lost. As you are the creators of this existence, we feel as if it is necessary to bring this mentality back, for everyone benefits. Remember that not everyone wishes to have the same things. Also remember that your path is your own path and staying true to who you are allows for your abundance to come forth and be recognized. We feel as if society has put a negative and confusing spin on the term abundance. It has become honorable to go with less. As we acknowledge each and every path, for perhaps going with "less" is what you so choose. But we believe that you should not come about it from a place of unworthiness or guilt. We believe that abundance is everyone's natural state for you are all creators in your own right. We feel that it is much simpler than how you perceive it to be. We believe that everyone has access to all the beautiful things that one so wishes. Remember that one can have an abundance of lack just as easily as one can have an abundance of more.

-End of channeled message-


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