Something To Think About!

While I was at the Arthur Findlay College, we did an exercise where we were put into groups and given a topic to discuss. My groups was "what is the purpose of life". So we came up with some ideas such as being true to who you are, following your path and giving love. Then we were asked to have one person in the group go into a trance state and ask the spirit guides to talk through the person answering the same question, and here's what she said while in a trance state:  

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is a reflection of your soul's desire.

The learning that is achieved during the physical form embellishes what already has been learned by the soul.

This decision to be in a physical form is not easy, as the freedom of spirit is lost.

Some, if their purpose is to learn the world of spirit, will achieve various blending with the home they left behind.

Generally there are several paths that can be followed and one fork can lead to a twist and a turn, but eventually the purpose of the life will be fulfilled. The learning that is required, obtained.

No two lives are the same. As are no two purposes the same. There may be themes of achievement but every life purpose is unique and individual.

Remember that as you go through yours, there is no right or wrong, just a gaining of personal achievement from challenges life brings. And personal achievement is the purpose.


Some amazing and beautiful words from spirit that I wanted to share. It's fascinating the difference between what we can come up with and what spirit can come up with! Something to think about!