Discovering Our Ancestry (With A Little Help From Our Ancestors)

Discovering your ancestry can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Finding out what happened to your two times great grandmother or why your three times great grandfather immigrated or why you cant seem to find any records of certain family members at all. Why not just ask them right? Well, being a medium, doing my family's history started to get very interesting! My mother and I started our search using, going though document after document, trying to sort out which ones were the correct person. You have to find the right dates and names and years when going through the old birth and death certificates, census's, army records and whatever else is available. Which, may I add, can be challenging to do especially when trying to read old, blurry cursive writing sometimes in another language! We sort of knew when we found the right document, when a feeling of sadness or happiness, depending on the situation, came over us. Once we checked it with all the other information, dates and names ect. and sure enough, it was the right one. Sometimes when we would get stuck, so we would ask spirit for help and sure enough the right information would show up on our computer. You follow your feelings of heartbreak, love, and loss and you some how find the information you had been looking for. We did our whole family tree this way, sometimes going all the way back to the 1400's! But what I found the most fascinating was the stories that came out. We weren't just discovering names and numbers on a piece of paper, we were discovering real people with real lives and real experiences.

For example, we could never find information on my great grandfather, (my mom's grandfather) or his family. My grandmother and her siblings hardly knew anything about him when he was alive. When we tried to get information, we would always seem to get blocked. We went up to the Ontario Archives to try and find some info, but we couldn't get in because a truck had stalled blocking one of the streets going into the the Archives! So we ended up deciding to ask what had happened. We channeled my great grandfather and his parents stepped forward and told us their story. My mother had my two times great grandmother, Lilian, and I had my two times great grandfather, Harry, coming through. They told us that Lilian ended up getting pregnant out of wedlock when they were about seventeen, which didn't go over well with the families, but they were going to make it work. They loved each other and Harry wanted to marry her, but they never ended up getting married. After she had the baby, she changed, she didn't want anything to do with the baby and she said she didn't know why. No one knew how to help her or what was going on. Looking back on it she had what we call today post postpartum depression, but there was no understanding of what that was back then. She eventually hung herself and Harry ended up leaving because he couldn't be there anymore after that and my great grandfather ended up being raised by his grandmother and random family members. Lilian said that after she died, she watched over both of them and helped them along the way. It was a tragic story that stayed with my great grandfather, and shame that went along with it, but after we talked to them there seemed to be an understanding, it was like a weight had been lifted and that little dark cloud that hungover them seemed to have disappeared. That's what is so amazing about channeling spirit, is that you get both sides of the story and any guilt or misunderstandings from years and years ago can get cleared up in the matter of minutes. After that we started finding more documents relating to them, but its still a challenge!

Through that whole experience we ended up meeting almost all of our ancestors and got some amazing stories. Its funny to think that all those people and all those experiences had to happen for you to come along!

My great grandfather and my grandmother

By Elora Taylor